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Adoptions and Fostering

Meet Oreo!

Life style quote: “Living my best life”

Oreo is a very special girl. She is a 5 year old female, spayed bulldog cross. She came to us from the Cleveland County Animal Shelter with a front leg injury. Her tendons/ligaments were torn and because it was an older injury, it could not be fixed with surgery. She hasn’t let her injuries slow her down any though...she loves to play and make friends with everyone she meets. Oreo is a true girl...she likes to be the center of attention. We think she would love to sleep in and cuddle while watching her favorite Disney movies, hang out by the pool, or sit by the campfire. Oreo wants someone to love…and she has been waiting through the pandemic to find her forever home. She is great with older children (over 10 years old) and may be best in a single dog home. Oreo is fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and is currently on heartworm and flea/tick preventatives.

If you are interested in meeting Oreo and finding a “love connection” please contact Hope’s Chest at [email protected]

Meet Kasey!

Bumper Sticker: “One Life. Live It”

She is a 4 year old spayed female Border Collie Mix.

Kasey is a “one of a kind” dog. If you have had the pleasure of reading or listening to “Greenlights'' by Matthew McConaughey then you will 100% understand what we mean when we say she lives by “Greenlights”.

Kasey is a dog that does not dwell on her past. She was surrendered to the Cleveland County Animal Shelter because she had a severe and chronic respiratory infection. The only family she had known had to give her up. But does Kasey let that affect her today?? Not in the slightest!!! All she sees are “Greenlights” which is exactly what it sounds like...she does not stop and dwell on life’s hardships. Instead, she looks for the positive of each situation, sees the “Greenlight” and keeps moving forward. She came to Hope’s Chest with such a positive, loving attitude...she just wants to live every day to the fullest. Kacey is looking for the family or person that has the same energy and taste for adventure that she seeks. She is not one that wants to sit at home and binge watch Netflix. She wants to be contouring mountains, racing down whitewater, and meeting each day with renewed energy. Kasey has the most gracious and selfless heart and is waiting to find that perfect forever family or person to call her own.

Kasey is healing well from her sinus cavity infection. She has been fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and is currently on heartworm and flea prevention. Kasey would be best suited for a family with older children (over the age of 10) because of her higher energy level.

If you are interested in meeting Kasey, please contact Hope’s Chest at [email protected]

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